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Gregg Young CDJR of Plattsmouth Plattsmouth NE

What To Do When Your Transmission Needs Service

Although routine vehicle maintenance is not something most drivers enjoy having to have conducted, it is an integral aspect of keeping your car in top shape. As such, transmission service is often overlooked even though it is as important as every other aspect of your car’s systems in order to assure the engine power is properly transferred to the wheels so the vehicle can perform as intended. The service starts with a transmission inspection, which is when a technician listens and feels how the transmission is running while pulling the vehicle into a shop bay, and then conducts a visual inspection of the engine and surrounding systems while checking fluid levels and looking for obvious contaminants.

Gregg Young CDJR of Plattsmouth Plattsmouth NE

Transmission Fluid Exchange

At certain mileages or if the technician sees a potential problem during the transmission inspection, a transmission fluid exchange might be in order. To the layman, it might seem as easy as draining the old fluid and adding new, but there’s actually a little more going on during the process. The technician is watching the old fluid, checking to see if any debris has contaminated it, whether road grime or internal gear or gasket flakes. The technician is also checking for any condensation buildup, as the system is enclosed but not entirely contained. Typically, draining and refilling the fluid is sufficient to fix such problems, but on occasion, the system may need to be flushed by performing the refill and drain several times to clean out any remaining contamination.

Gregg Young CDJR of Plattsmouth Plattsmouth NE

Transmission Replacement

An actual transmission replacement is rare because the transmission is designed to outlast the life of the rest of the vehicle in average driving conditions, but because today’s cars can reach mileages which were unheard-of in the past, there are times when such a process is warranted. A transmission replacement can be expensive in terms of both parts and labor, yet it can be in order for a vehicle that is otherwise running well and expected to continue being roadworthy. It comes down to a judgment call based on what the car is worth, what the car is worth to the owner, and the price of a new car versus the expense of a new transmission installation.


Authorized Dealer Service in Cass County, Nebraska

For transmission service or other routine vehicle maintenance in the Plattsmouth, NE area outside of Omaha give us a call or swing by at Gregg Young Automotive. We’re an authorized dealership with trained technicians and a fully equipped shop to assure we can take care of any automotive needs which might come up.

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Gregg Young CDJR of Plattsmouth Plattsmouth NE
Gregg Young CDJR of Plattsmouth Plattsmouth NE
Gregg Young CDJR of Plattsmouth Plattsmouth NE
Gregg Young CDJR of Plattsmouth Plattsmouth NE