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Gregg Young CDJR of Plattsmouth Plattsmouth NE

Engine Oil Change in Plattsmouth, NE

The oil in your vehicle’s engine plays a large part in keeping your car, truck or SUV running properly. The oil lives in the oil pan underneath the engine. It circulates all the metal components in your engine that move to provide lubrication, avoid friction and provide cooling for all the internal parts.

How Often Should I Change My Oil?

After quite some time, your engine oil begins to break down and lose its lubrication and cooling features. This is why it’s important to keep a schedule for changing your engine oil and oil filter regularly. You should follow the recommended maintenance schedule in your vehicle’s owners manual. It will be expressed as every 5,000 miles or 4 months so that whichever occurs first is the time for an oil change. If you wait to have your oil changed, it can become an expensive mistake when engine parts wear out prematurely from friction or it could mean you need an entire new engine when it fails.

Different Types of Engine Oil

There are four main types of engine oil for vehicles: conventional, fully synthetic, semi synthetic and diesel engine oil. Conventional oil is the most common engine oil and it is ideal for light duty vehicles with low to average mileage. Fully synthetic oil is used in peak performance vehicles and it has higher levels of lubrication inside the engine. This type of oil lasts longer between oil changes and provides the best protection from oxidation and thermal breakdown. Semi-synthetic oil is a blend between conventional oil and synthetic oil. It has many of the same properties of fully synthetic oil, but at a lower price point. Diesel oil is heavier and thicker than engine oil for a gasoline engine. It needs to be thicker because the spaces between the rod and crankshaft bearings are larger than in a gasoline engine.

Use a Certified Dealership for Your Oil and Filter Services

It’s imperative to use a certified dealership, such as Gregg Young Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Plattsmouth for your oil and filter services. We have all types of oil for every vehicle in stock as well as oil filters for every make and model of vehicle. Our certified technicians are very experienced and can get your oil and oil filter changed in short time while you enjoy our coffee and beverage bar along with free WiFi to stay connected. You can visit us at our Cass County location or our convenient Omaha, NE location for all of your engine oil and filter services.

Complimentary Service Amenities:

  • Coffee & Beverage Bar
  • Mopar Parts Boutique
  • Certified Technicians
  • Workstations
  • Magazines & Newspapers
  • Free Wifi
Gregg Young CDJR of Plattsmouth Plattsmouth NE
Gregg Young CDJR of Plattsmouth Plattsmouth NE
Gregg Young CDJR of Plattsmouth Plattsmouth NE
Gregg Young CDJR of Plattsmouth Plattsmouth NE