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Gregg Young CDJR of Plattsmouth Plattsmouth NE

Brake Services at Gregg Young CDJR of Plattsmouth

The braking system on your vehicle is one of the most important safety features you have. If your brakes need servicing, they may not be stopping you as fast as they should and you could get into a serious accident.

How Does The Brake System Work?

You have a master cylinder under the hood that holds brake fluid. When you press on the brake pedal, the fluid travels down the brake lines to the brakes on each wheel and applies pressure to the brake shoes or pads to stop our vehicle. Brake parts will wear down after time as they operate on the system of friction when they stop your car or truck each time you use them.

Signs Your Brakes Need Attention

Fortunately, there are several signs to indicate you need your braking system inspected before they go completely out. You may see the brake light is illuminated on your dash as a way of your vehicle telling you electronically that there is a problem. If you hear squealing, squeaking or grinding noises while you are in motion, it is an indicator of a braking system problem. Brake pads have a steel wear indicator in them to make a sound when they contact the rotor to alert you when they need replacing. At this point, you would only need a brake pad replacement instead of a more expensive repair.

Waiting Too Long To Schedule Service

A grinding sound is heard when you’ve gone too long before replacing your brake pads. It is made from metal on metal when your brake pads are worn entirely through and it creates grooves in the rotor, which can be resurfaced (see Brake Rotor Resurfacing & Pad Replacement), or it may need to be replaced depending on how deep the damages are. Wobbling, a vibration or scraping sound can be an indication of a rotor that is uneven and needs resurfacing to be smooth. If you notice brake fluid leaking on your driveway or your brake pedal feels soft, these are also indicators that you need brake services. Other items include your vehicle pulling to one side when braking, a burning smell while driving, or any other sings that aren’t normal.

Trust Your Braking Services to a Certified Dealership

You should only trust your braking services and your safety to a certified dealership, such as Gregg Young Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Plattsmouth in Cass County. We have certified technicians that are highly experienced in all models of braking systems from the front to the rear of your vehicle. We carry a large inventory of brake parts to correct any braking problem possible and get you back on the road safely in a short time. You can visit us at our Plattsmouth location or our Omaha, NE location for quick and friendly brake services.

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Gregg Young CDJR of Plattsmouth Plattsmouth NE
Gregg Young CDJR of Plattsmouth Plattsmouth NE
Gregg Young CDJR of Plattsmouth Plattsmouth NE
Gregg Young CDJR of Plattsmouth Plattsmouth NE