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Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Battery Services

Ensure Reliable Starts with Battery Testing and Inspection in Plattsmouth, NE

Cold winter mornings and hot summer days take a toll on your car battery. Every 25 degrees change in ambient temperature doubles the rate at which your car’s battery discharges its stored power. That is why many car batteries die on the first sub-freezing morning. Our ASE-certified technicians at Gregg Young Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Plattsmouth can do a free battery testing and inspection service in your car. We will see if the battery holds a full charge or if you need a new one to keep starting reliably well.

The Purpose of Battery Testing and Inspection Service

Our factory-trained mechanics remove your battery and test it to see if it takes a full charge. If not, we replace it with a new one from our Mopar parts counter. We have batteries by the top brands in the business with lots of cold-cranking amps to start your car on the coldest of mornings. Our battery testing and inspection includes the charging system. We make sure the alternator is producing full power to keep your battery charged. If not, we have OEM alternators and others by top aftermarket parts suppliers. We also check the alternator belt and the cables and connections to ensure all are in like-new condition. If not, we replace them with a new belt and cables as needed to keep the power flowing to your battery.

Why Your Battery Requires Regular Service

Car batteries only last so long before the weaken and battery replacement is needed. If your car is showing signs of low power after sitting for several hours or starts stubbornly on cold mornings, you likely need battery replacement. Most only last three of four years before they no longer can hold a full charge and eventually die. With a great supply of new batteries for sale and free inspections to ensure you need battery replacement, there is no need to risk your car dying on a cold morning or when you are trying to get home from a long day at work.

Schedule Battery Service Now at Gregg Young Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

You can call our friendly staff and scheduled a battery service now. Our friendly staff at Gregg Young Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Plattsmouth will get you in as soon as today for battery service. You can wait in our lounge while we take care of your battery and charging system. You also can use a free shuttle to run errands in Omaha, Plattsmouth, and other locales while we take care of your battery.

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